Team Sophia Ace the Gymkhana

Last Friday was the end of year Gymkhana and Sophia’s final time at her local disabled riding group. A bitter sweet experience to say the least. She has been attending the term time Friday morning sessions since she was 21 months old and I remember dancing in the kitchen in delight when the organiser rang … Continue reading

The Troublesome Trike

Sophia outgrew her toddlers trike last summer: after hours and hours and hours of use it was consigned to the rubbish dump, too worn out to give away. Knowing how much she loved cycling I began researching new adaptive trikes for her, thinking that we’d look at buying one the summer of 2015, but I … Continue reading

Holy (moly) Saturday – Easter Rejoicing!

I’ve just experienced a moment of incredible rejoicing – a definite case of “Holy moly, I can’t believe my daughter can do that” which once again highlights how far Sophia has come developmentally and I had to post it immediately! And I know I’m jumping ahead on this blog as I’ve been too busy or … Continue reading


As I was helping out at the Spring School at the beginning of the summer term, I bumped into Heather, the Physiotherapist who had run the hydrotherapy sessions Sophia had attended at our local hospital when she was much younger and I rather cheekily asked her if she could have a word with Sophia’s current … Continue reading

The saga continues… (aka Potty Pt 3)

The home equipment specialist visited yesterday to check up on the new potty chair and assess our bathroom and lounge for hoists to help with lifting and changing Sophia. She couldn’t believe the size of the chair we’d been given. It was the right colour (I’d ordered blue) but completely the wrong size. I did … Continue reading

The Potty, Part 2

Since embarking on the potty experience myself and Sophia’s OT have been concerned about the red welts that mark her skin when she sits for any length of time as she is really too big for a standard potty, the sides of which dig into her stick thin legs and very scrawny little bottom. Plus, … Continue reading

The Proof is on the Potty!

Sophia is using a potty. It is so incredible I cannot get over it, or conceive that she can do it, even though I see her doing it every day now. This past year has seen immense developmental strides in her socialisation abilities which I’m convinced is down to her attending the mainstream nursery. She … Continue reading

Sophia’s First Word…

“Mamma”, quiet giggle, “Mamma”, followed by another quiet giggle. Upon hearing her sweet sweet tones, the joy was indescribable. Sophia called me Mamma on the telephone the second time I was away from her in her life (I was at the Glastonbury Festival having a well-deserved chill fest this past June) and I rang home … Continue reading

A Wake Up Call

Between the ages of 3 to 4, things seemed to plateau with Sophia. Her strength grew and she increased her crawling speed and stamina, but there was very little development with walking, standing independently or cruising and we seemed to spend the whole year working on the same gross motor skill targets and fine motor … Continue reading