Education Education Education – Pt II

During the summer of 2014 I’d been reading a lot in the press about the new EHCP (Education Health and Care Plan) that was to replace the old Statement system (Statement of Special Educational Need) and which was going to change the lives of disabled children the UK over. It had taken almost 9 months … Continue reading


I have previously exclaimed my frustration that once Sophia went into the education system I was no longer involved in her Physio, OT and Speech and Language Therapist (SALT) appointments as much as I would have liked as these took place at her Special School during school hours and parents aren’t invited. I also mentioned … Continue reading

Education Education Education…

17 months ago at Sophia’s 4 year developmental review (Feb 2014) I raised the issue that, whilst I appreciated that once children in the UK have reached the age of 5 they are required, the term thereafter, to either attend school or be home schooled, I knew that I would want Sophia to continue at … Continue reading

Team Sophia Ace the Gymkhana

Last Friday was the end of year Gymkhana and Sophia’s final time at her local disabled riding group. A bitter sweet experience to say the least. She has been attending the term time Friday morning sessions since she was 21 months old and I remember dancing in the kitchen in delight when the organiser rang … Continue reading

The Troublesome Trike

Sophia outgrew her toddlers trike last summer: after hours and hours and hours of use it was consigned to the rubbish dump, too worn out to give away. Knowing how much she loved cycling I began researching new adaptive trikes for her, thinking that we’d look at buying one the summer of 2015, but I … Continue reading