Goodbye to Portage

Attending the mainstream setting did bring about the end of our Portage sessions and, if we hadn’t’ve still been seeing Dee in her capacity as Sophia’s carer, I honestly don’t know how I would have handled the situation. I would have been in floods of tears and clinging onto the tailgate of her car as … Continue reading

Going Mainstream

When I first began looking at nurseries for Sophia, her Physio and OT asked me to consider a mainstream nursery and I told them I would look into the possibility in Sophia’s future, but that I felt for the time being, the specialist facility was more appropriate for her developmental needs. But every time I … Continue reading

Drowning Under a Sea of Paperwork

I was going to start uploading all the latest developments that have been occurring in Sophia’s life this week, but yesterday it was rather harshly brought to my attention that I have got myself into a right old pickle: I’ve been threatened with losing my direct payments – the funding I use for Sophia’s 4 … Continue reading

New 0 – 36

Since completing the 0 – 36 month reflection on Sophia’s life last November I’ve been attempting to read more information on the actual workings of the brain. I’m probably that very dangerous person, someone who knows only a microscopic fraction but feels impelled to act / react on that knowledge! The mass I’ve read and … Continue reading

Old 0 – 36

To all intents and purposes now that Sophia’s blog has seen her reach 36 months old it has finished as it was always my intention to stop once Sophia was 3, the major brain development period being 0 – 36 months. Of course the brain continues developing and we continue learning, but not at such … Continue reading

Sophia’s 3rd Birthday and Annual Review

Another delightful, albeit low-key family and close friends birthday party. (So unlike James’s affairs!) Although I did see on the internet there’s a mobile ‘soft-play’ bus you can hire for functions and I think that would be a great idea for Sophia in the future if we can find a parking area big enough. She … Continue reading

Celebrating Holland

“Celebrating Holland – I’m home” was written by Cathy Anthony, a parent, advocate and Executive Director of The Family Support Institute in Vancouver as a follow up to “Welcome to Holland” by Emily Perl Kingsley which I featured earlier in this blog. Here it is: “I have been in Holland for over a decade now. … Continue reading

Hi / Bye

As I was awaiting Sophia’s portage home visitor for the first session of our New Year this week, I was singing Old Macdonald Had a Farm and attempting to get Sophia to engage in raising her hand in the much worked towards ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ gesture to the animals. No wave, that’s still too difficult … Continue reading

Sophia’s 3rd Christmas

20th December Sophia has been very poorly and off her food leading up to Christmas but she has managed to smile a bit with it and, amazingly, continue trying to crawl to the piano before collapsing in exhaustion, moaning pitifully then cheering momentarily as I pick her up and sit with her on the stool … Continue reading