Medical update Autumn 2015

I have always been profoundly grateful that Sophia isn’t reliant upon daily medication to keep her alive – I find giving her the odd bits of bug fighting liquids hard enough to remember to dispense at the appropriate time, let alone a daily melange of lifesaving potions. She does have a daily dose of Movicol … Continue reading

Equipment Update Autumn 2015

Our house now looks like a disability house. Every room has some form of equipment in it from a seat, hoist and slings in the bathroom (which look incredibly neat and not at all the cumbersome space eater I was dreading) to a stander, a walker, a wheelchair, a buggy, a supportive home chair and … Continue reading

Summer Firsts 2015

It was with some trepidation that we embarked on a family holiday to Gran Canaria this summer, not knowing how Sophia would react to an aeroplane, the longish flight, strange new environment and disturbed sleeping arrangements. We had no need to worry, Sophia rose to the occasion admirably. She adored the flight and wanted more … Continue reading

Brainwave Part III – I wish I wasn’t right

The third time Sophia and I attended Brainwave, this past May, my gut instinct was that she had developed at a much slower pace during the past 7 months since we were last there. I struggled this time round to maintain the programme what with my now working and Sophia being in almost full-time schooling. … Continue reading

Education Education Education – Pt II

During the summer of 2014 I’d been reading a lot in the press about the new EHCP (Education Health and Care Plan) that was to replace the old Statement system (Statement of Special Educational Need) and which was going to change the lives of disabled children the UK over. It had taken almost 9 months … Continue reading