Sophia with her beloved Granny, the kindest person of all

Sophia with her beloved Granny, the kindest person of all

It struck me yesterday, excluding the uselessness of our Health non-Visitor, how much kindness Sophia and I encounter in our everyday lives and what joy that brings us and how incredibly fortunate we are to experience it. I never thought I’d hear myself saying that 22 months ago when everything felt so bleak and desolate in the early days.

Sophia had 10 appointments this past week, everything inadvertently falling in the same few days: physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapist visit to the house, ophthalmologist and optometrist check-ups, hydrotherapy, portage session, orthotic appointment for her second pair of shoes (again very cute and on trend pink nubuck boots, and I still really want some), pony riding on the Friday and the donkey sanctuary on the Saturday with James also having a ride on ‘his’ adopted donkey that same day. (He is convinced that the donkey I adopted for him to assist in his having an interest in the sanctuary and go riding there with Sophia, is his. I didn’t want to burst his bubble by telling him the cost of the yearly adoption probably only covered 3 days feed in reality and that dozens of people had adopted the same donkey!)

It was as we were at the sanctuary, that I was quite overcome with emotion at just how much kindness we have encountered this week and indeed have encountered since our very first entrance into this unwanted world. At every single appointment and therapy session we attended, the Specialists wanted the absolute best for Sophia and were genuinely concerned and interested in her welfare. At both the horse riding and the donkey sanctuary, volunteers willingly give up their valuable time to help children with whom they have no personal relationship. They don’t have to, they’re not paid to, they don’t know the children, but week in week out they help make a child’s life that bit better. How absolutely incredible. I was so overcome by the most overwhelming feelings of gratitude for their pure kindness that I had to leave the donkey sanctuary without saying goodbye as I felt tears of profound appreciation welling up in me.

(I really have to get a check on this crying lark, it is so totally out of character for me.)

But how many people ever get to experience such simple goodness? Memories of my dim and distant work life certainly weren’t like that. How many business meetings did I attend where co-workers had hidden agendas to raise their profile in front of their boss or get one over on an annoying work colleague? Where moaning and bickering were incessant and things said in jest were invariably meant – these happened constantly. But with Sophia, we experience an abundance of kindness from people who simply want the best for her. How incredibly privileged we are to be on the receiving end of this. Obviously the health professionals are paid to do their jobs, but all of them bend over backwards to help wherever possible. If I have a question, they find me an answer, if I’m not sure how to handle a situation, they help guide my way. I don’t know if this will continue, but it has certainly been our experience thus far and I am absolutely in awe of the facilities we have available on our NHS, I cannot praise that institution enough.

The journey that we find ourselves on never ceases to amaze me with the rollercoaster of emotions it evokes and at this particular moment in time, I am overwhelmed by the kindness we encounter on a daily basis – my cup of joyful gratitude doth runneth over.

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